I came to Stretch Physical Therapy & Total Wellness for a pain in my shoulder. My goal is to be able to throw without pain. My results from PT were: I was able to understand the what/why that my shoulder pain was from. I am building strength and improving my mobility. I am now Pain Free! I would recommend Stretch Physical Therapy! I thought my only option was surgery, No I am pain free without surgery.


Kim, Thank you so much for all the time & care you have given to Gary! Without you, he would still be in a wheelchair. Until you began treating him, we thought he was going to have to go to a nursing home. He is now walking and looking forward to getting outside with the grandchildren this spring.


I have requested Kim for Physical Therapy for my mom for 6 years now. She is now in her 90’s and is still strong. After this last pneumonia episode, I thought she would not make it through! After 1 treatment, she is able to sit, stand and is regaining her strength with every visit. I have no doubt she will be walking again very soon.